Spiritual Principles

WE AFFIRM there is but One Spirit of God made manifest in the Holy Trinity, and which permeates all things seen and unseen.

WE AFFIRM our belief in the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, and that we observe His teachings and strive to live by His example in this human life.

WE AFFIRM to live according to these two great rules given by Jesus the Christ: “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind… You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” All other principles fall within these rules and are governed by them.

WE AFFIRM that our spiritual message to the world is one of unconditional love, peace, and self-responsibility.

WE AFFIRM that every human being is a Son or Daughter of God and that each one has the potential to experience oneness with God.

WE AFFIRM the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and the seven traditional sacraments which are empowered by Jesus the Christ.

WE AFFIRM the sacred writings of both the Hebrew and New Testament books of the Bible, which contain our foundational body of knowledge. However, we are not limited to these writings.

WE AFFIRM that we are a truly Catholic Church in the most universal sense. Our altars and Priesthood are open to all humanity.

WE AFFIRM an individual’s right to complete freedom of thought, interpretation, conscience, and inquiry in all matters of our faith and belief.

WE AFFIRM our openness to spiritual truth wherever it may be found, whether that is in ancient wisdom, modern thought, mystical or daily experience or one’s inner-knowing.

WE AFFIRM that we are spiritual beings in the human experience and that spiritual consciousness is forever expanding into higher and more infinite realms of awareness.

WE AFFIRM spiritual enlightenment as part of our mission to experience God at the innermost depths of our being as we surrender our humanness to dissolution in the divine Light. Our greatest desire is to share these experiences with all of humanity by our living example.