In Luke 9:28b-36, we read about the Transfiguration of Jesus. Peter, John and James went to the mountain with him and while there they saw Jesus’ face change and saw his clothing become dazzling. We’re told that they told no one what they had seen. We don’t know if they mentioned it again to each other; we don’t know if they watched Jesus later just in case it might happen again. We don’t know. But, we can guess that they were somehow changed by this experience. However, as we’ll read again in a few weeks, we’ve seen that in Peter’s case, that change must not have been enough to provide him with strength when things became really, really bad.
How does this relate to us? How has our baptism, confirmation, our participation in worship and in the Eucharist changed us? Do our our words, and our actions reflect the love Jesus shared and told us to share?
In the movie, Amistad, (highly recommended) some captives look out of the window of their cell to see and hear a group of Christians solemnly singing hymns. One of the prisoners turns to another and points out that he wouldn’t want to have what they have (their religion) if it makes them so unhappy.
Would people want to have what we have when they observe us walking through the days of our lives?