Luke 15:1-32, which includes the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin, was the gospel reading yesterday. We have heard both stories often, perhaps the story of the lost sheep more than that of the lost coin. We may wonder why a shepherd would leave all the other sheep to search for one. And yet, we may also be glad he did since we ourselves may feel like we are lost. It would be wonderful for someone to love us so much he/she would drop everything just for us.

And yet, that leads us to question ourselves. Would we do the same? For whom? Is there anyone for whom we would drop everything? A group? And if so, would we do it for others as well? The reading begins with the complaints the Pharisees and scribes had because Jesus was spending time with those they considered sinners. If we would drop everything for some people, would we also drop everything for those we might not like so much?

It can be humbling to know that we are someone that someone else doesn’t like so much, and that Jesus would drop everything  –  even for us.