On October 15, Bishop Linda Rounds-Nichols ordained Deacon Celeste Handy to the order of the presbyterate.

As all CCOA priests, Celeste+ is called to baptize. witness weddings, anoint the sick and the dying, and administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The  hands of priests are consecrated during the ordination , so Celeste+ is now able to consecrate the elements (bread and the cup) during communion and bless the oil for the sick. Offering offering pastoral care, Christian formation, and  presiding at funerals and memorial services are other activities of ordained clergy. In some cases, and if authorized by the Presiding Bishop, CCOA priests may administer the Sacrament of Confirmation.  


THE PROCESSION -Entering the Sacred Space

THE HOMILY, Presiding Bishop Mark

THE ELECTION OF THE CANDIDATE  – Clergy make vows and promises during ordination.

VOW OF OBEDIENCE – Clergy  promise obedience to the Presiding Bishop and the Canons of the Church.


LAYING ON OF HANDS – After asking God for the blessing of the Holy Spirit,

we ask God to grant Celeste the grace and power of the priesthood.


Bishop Michael

Bishop Theodore

Presiding Bishop Mark

The other clergy, as well as the pictured Bishops, laid hands on Celeste.



We pray that God will grant Celeste+ assistance,

the ability to follow the example of Mary -the Mother of Jesus, and Mary of Magdala

as well as a renewed Spirit of holiness.



Bishop Michael, Dean of Sophia Divinity School, instructs Betsy Windish and Sandy Young,

as they prepare to dress Celeste with the the stole and chasuble worn by priests.

Sandy drapes Celeste+ with the stole.

Betsy helps Celeste+ with the chasuble.


ANOINTING OF HANDS – Celeste’s hands are consecrated and blessed.


INTRODUCTION – CCOA’s Newest Priest Celeste Handy+






CCOA CLERGY with our Newest Priest (missing are those who weren’t able to attend convocation)


+Linda, Presiding Bishop Mark, and Celeste+