The readings for today include Acts 2:22-33, in which we hear of Peter standing before many and sharing what he had experienced with Jesus. We also read the story of the Walk to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35, in which after recognizing Jesus, the two disciples were so intent on sharing their experience that they traveled back to Jerusalem – at night.

People in Jesus’ time rarely traveled at night – especially from town to town. It was dark. It was dangerous. But off they went – they had to share. Likewise, Peter had to share.

Sharing our faith is part of Christianity. We are called to do this, but we may feel awkward about doing so. Peter may have, as well. The other disciples, too, and the many who followed. We don’t need to stand before a crowd, nor do we need to venture out into danger. But we do need to quietly share. Our sharing could be in words as we tell our stories. Or our sharing might be through actions – by the way we live. People are already listening and watching, so our task is simply to work toward being the best we can be and to live the best life possible.