Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, a day some clergy dread. How does one preach a concept so many of us don’t comprehend? One God, in three persons – how can that be? The earliest followers of the Way didn’t need to wonder, because this concept didn’t become church doctrine until the 4th century. Even then, there was dissension. Bishops left the church; people fought each other; it was bloody. It was one of the many less-than-pleasant-times in church history.

Some current theologians continue to dispute this doctrine, saying it isn’t Biblical. Others believe it is valid and suggest using pretzels, clover, math (1x1x1=1), or the triangle to explain how One God can be three persons. Others suggest we believe what we will and let God do the rest – accepting that God may well see and understand things we are not yet able to see and understand. And so may it be.   (As always, references available upon request.)