The blame game seems to part of our heritage – Adam was the first player! As we read in Genesis 3:9-15, God was surprised when Adam didn’t respond when called. When God asked why Adam wasn’t responding, Adam shared his new-found knowledge – oh my, he was naked!

Ah  God knew…. But like most parents, asked anyway. And when asked, Adam admitted he had eaten the forbidden fruit. But, no, he didn’t take responsibility for his action, but rather blamed God and Eve. He blamed God, saying it was because of the women YOU gave me….. and Eve, because she gave him the fruit. Eve did the same. She immediately pointed out it was because of the serpent.

We aren’t told whether the serpent had anything to say, but we do see the blaming of others for our actions started long, long ago!

Maybe it’s time for humans to accept responsibility for our own choices!