The story of the bleeding woman (Mark 5:25-34) tells us of the woman who had nothing to lose. After 12 years of being an outcast, unsuccessfully visiting different medial practitioners (and spending whatever income she had to do so), she took that leap of faith about which we sometimes hear. She traveled, most likely alone as outcasts must do, to a neighboring village to see Jesus. (She had to leave her home and go where she wasn’t known, or someone would have pointed her out as unclean, and she would have lost her chance.)

She wasn’t planning on talking with Jesus – all she wanted to do was to touch his clothing, believing that this slight touch would bring her the long desired healing. She was correct – she felt it and Jesus affirmed it. Her belief healed her.

This leads us to question what we believe. If a positive desire can heal, what do negative thoughts and beliefs create? CCOA’s founder, ABp Herman Spruit, once told all of his clergy to read The Law of Mind in Action by Fenwicke L. Holmes. Holmes’ book promotes the same idea that this scripture preaches: our beliefs, our thoughts, can create our reality.

It seems that we need to be careful about what we believe, think, and say!