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“The belief in One God (Monotheism) realizes that the whole human race must be regarded as one family, different as maybe the various colors of the skin, the language with which they express themselves, or the manner of their daily lives.”

— Herman Adrian Spruit, Founder of CCOA, Let There Be Peace in the Church

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December 2020

November 2020

What Does this Moment Ask of Me?

2020-11-19T20:13:53+00:00November 19, 2020|

  In The Sacrament of the Present Moment and Abandonment to Divine Providence, Jesuit priest Jean-Pierre de Caussade reminds us that “ Each moment of our lives requires us to do our duty, the duty of the moment, and each moment is precious and holds some divinely appointed [...]

As We Wait…

2020-11-05T02:19:36+00:00November 5, 2020|

Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Though all things pass, God does not change. Patience wins all things. But he lacks nothing  who possesses God; For God alone suffices. -St. Teresa of Avila

October 2020

Cold War in our Hearts and Deadening of Conscience

2020-10-23T11:33:29+00:00October 23, 2020|

“One of our great problems is to see clearly what we have to resist. I would say that at the moment we have to understand better than we do the cold-war mentality. If we do not understand it, we will run the risk of contributing to [...]

September 2020

Crying With… Opens the Heart

2020-09-24T11:48:04+00:00September 24, 2020|

Amidst the suffering in which we are all immersed, we constantly question what is “ours to do”. Fr. Keating’s words help us understand the transformative process which must take place within ourselves  so as to “call forth” the Christ in every situation. “We are all localized [...]

The One Before You

2020-09-11T01:01:53+00:00September 11, 2020|

  In this time of confusion, as we try to determine what is ours to do, Dominican Friar, Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) of the Rhineland Mystical Tradition offers some sage advice. "The most important hour is always the present. The most significant person is precisely the one [...]

August 2020

Love Alone Unites

2020-08-26T16:42:31+00:00August 26, 2020|

  In The Human Phenomenon, Teilhard de Chardin writes: “When anything really new begins to germinate around us, we cannot distinguish it—for the very good reason that it could only be recognized in the light of what is going to be” ...  “Love alone is capable of uniting [...]

“New Editor and New Name”

2020-08-17T22:59:28+00:00August 17, 2020|

Antioch's Newsletter now has a new editor and a new name! Be sure not to miss the current issue of "The Voice" which can be found in the newsletter section of our website. Congratulations to Fr. Ron Catherson, our new editor, for a great beginning!

Prayer of Abandonment in Time of Pandemic

2020-08-12T17:33:02+00:00August 12, 2020|

In this time of pandemic, when many are exhausted from caring for their loved ones, Blessed Charles de Foucauld reminds us that “No matter what is encountered, it is Jesus in every situation”. For those who are feeling a loss of identity and control in their [...]

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