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….. It is never too late. Ours is the gospel of the ultimate chance. We are living at a time when our towns are dark, when our lives are dark with something other than night. But the light at the end of the tunnel spells out the dream of Hope. It proclaims the story that it’s love that turns on the light inside us and our world.

— COA founder, Herman Adrian Spruit

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March 2022

Lectio Divina

2022-03-09T06:54:27+00:00March 9, 2022|

  Bishop Michael will be leading us in Lectio Divina at 7 pm (Arizona time) each Wednesday evening during Lent.  If you are interested in participating in this zoom event, please contact Presiding Bishop Mark at: antioch1!


2022-03-08T06:16:37+00:00March 8, 2022|

  In Luke 4:1-13, the Gospel reading for last Sunday, we read and heard about the temptations Jesus faced while he was in the wilderness. He was able to respond to each with a rebuttal from Scripture. As well as knowing Scripture, he knew his purpose. [...]

January 2022

Our Gifts

2022-01-17T07:30:51+00:00January 17, 2022|

  In 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, we are reminded of the many gifts people receive. We are also reminded that each gift is important, none more important than the others. We are all needed. Whether one is a greeter, a floor sweeper, preacher, or if one handles [...]

True Religion

2022-01-01T18:16:22+00:00January 1, 2022|

  "Accept that thrust of [God's] love and you too will find the holy. Listen to yourself deep down within and you'll discover the Heart of all True Religion." CCOA founder, Patriarch Herman Adrian Spruit

December 2021

Do unto others….

2021-12-13T00:39:36+00:00December 13, 2021|

Many of the world’s religions have an admonition that is similar to the words so many of us have hear since we were children: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And yet time and again we want to know how to [...]

November 2021

Living the Sacred Life

2021-11-29T22:33:39+00:00November 29, 2021|

Sunday’s reading: Psalm 25:4-5,8-9,10,14. Readings from Psalm 25 include verses in which the psalmist asks God for guidance in understanding how to live as God wishes. Wise, to ask, wiser to follow the guidance. Being in relationship with the Divine involves making time for God, interacting [...]

Relax and Love

2021-11-15T05:16:53+00:00November 15, 2021|

  Regarding the apocalyptic writings, a take-away might be the advice to relax. The gospel today (Mark 13:24-32) reminds us: "But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." So far, any time people [...]

CCOA Continuing Education, update

2021-11-28T00:25:13+00:00November 8, 2021|

~ CCOA's CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM~   January8: Presentation based on a World Parliament workshop: Is it Universalism or is it White Privilege?  presented by +Michael Talbot   November 13: Discussion based on the Parliament of  the World's Religions Conference, continued   October 23: Discussion based on [...]

“God loves a CHEERFUL giver!”

2021-11-08T03:06:21+00:00November 8, 2021|

Today’s gospel reading for many Christian churches is Mark 12:38-44. If you happened to attend a worship service, either on-line or in-person, the message for the day could have been on the unselfishness and generosity of the widow who gave all she had. This message may [...]

October 2021

Latest Newsletter Now Available!

2021-10-19T04:13:09+00:00October 19, 2021|

  Thank you, thank you, thank you to editor Ron+ and the many clergy who contributed to the latest issue of our newsletter. For those who haven't seen it yet, please visit the Newsletters page and take a look. While there, you may be interested in [...]

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