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“Religion in the Individual is best characterized by the attitude of reverence before an unknown Power which transcends reason.”

— Patriarch Herman Adrian Spruit, The Angel of Wisdom; Beginning in Wisdom

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November 2021

CCOA Continuing Education, update

2021-11-28T00:25:13+00:00November 8, 2021|

~ CCOA's CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM~   January8: Presentation based on a World Parliament workshop: Is it Universalism or is it White Privilege?  presented by +Michael Talbot   November 13: Discussion based on the Parliament of  the World's Religions Conference, continued   October 23: Discussion based on [...]

“God loves a CHEERFUL giver!”

2021-11-08T03:06:21+00:00November 8, 2021|

Today’s gospel reading for many Christian churches is Mark 12:38-44. If you happened to attend a worship service, either on-line or in-person, the message for the day could have been on the unselfishness and generosity of the widow who gave all she had. This message may [...]

October 2021

Latest Newsletter Now Available!

2021-10-19T04:13:09+00:00October 19, 2021|

  Thank you, thank you, thank you to editor Ron+ and the many clergy who contributed to the latest issue of our newsletter. For those who haven't seen it yet, please visit the Newsletters page and take a look. While there, you may be interested in [...]


2021-10-11T03:54:43+00:00October 11, 2021|

  In 1Kings 3:9, we read Solomon’s request, “Give your servant therefore an understanding mind..” In today’s reading from Wisdom (or The Wisdom of Solomon) 7:7-11, Solomon explains more about this understanding mind, wisdom. He points out that wisdom is more than power, more than riches, [...]


2021-10-03T22:42:45+00:00October 3, 2021|

Along with Paul’s words, telling women to submit themselves to their husbands (Ephesians 5:22), the words in today’s Gospel, Mark 10:2-16, have been used by far too many clergy to convince women to stay in a domestic violence situation, whether that violence be physical, emotional, or [...]

September 2021

Us – Them is not loving!

2021-09-06T20:58:55+00:00September 6, 2021|

  In James 2:1-5, we see how similar we are to the ancient people! Seems like they discriminated against people, just as happens now. They, too, looked at outward appearances to create an Us-Them situation. They favored the rich, and the same occurs today, along with [...]

August 2021

Do We Grumble?

2021-08-01T23:14:20+00:00August 1, 2021|

  In Exodus 16:2-4, 12-15, we read about the grumbling of the Israelites. They have escaped their lives as slaves in Egypt and are now wandering in the desert. They are hungry, so now those days in Egypt look pretty good – they had food there, [...]

July 2021

We are Called

2021-07-25T03:03:32+00:00July 25, 2021|

  In Ephesians 4:1-6, we read how Paul wanted his people to live. He used the words humility, gentleness, patience, love and unity. He also used the word call. We’re all called to something. We have received skills, talents, and other gifts to share with others [...]

On the Sacraments

2021-07-20T02:51:46+00:00July 20, 2021|

Having freely received the Sacraments from Jesus, the Christ, the Church is morally bound to give them freely to the world to anyone who asks ….  Any organization that shuts members or would be members out because they decline to enter a restricted theological cage is [...]

The 23rd Psalm

2021-07-18T21:50:22+00:00July 18, 2021|

  Many Christian adults look back to their childhood and remember memorizing the 23rd Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd….” Surprisingly, many of us learned that psalm before the Greatest Commandment. How different the playground may have been had we learned that loving God and our [...]

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