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“It is the unexpected that is the test of life … it takes something like a genius to run it when times are tough. … Likewise, almost any kind of faith is promising in ordinary times, but when hearts are crushed, and no help appears in sight then one needs a faith that stands the test.”

— Patriarch Herman Adrian Spruit, Sidewalk Sermons, Prism, March-April, 1985.

May 2024

Happy Divine Mother’s Day!

2024-05-13T03:46:41+00:00May 13, 2024|

In John 17:6-19, we are presented with Jesus’s prayer asking God to watch over the disciples. We learn that Jesus is proud of his disciples, but also a little afraid for them, so he hopes they will be protected – that they will be safe. He [...]


2024-05-05T19:42:50+00:00May 5, 2024|

Both the Epistle and the gospel reading for today, 1John 4:7-10 and John 15:9-17, remind us: it's all about love. This was one of the main messages of CCOA's founder, Archbishop Herman Spruit, too! LOVE!

April 2024

Pruning the Plants

2024-04-29T04:04:39+00:00April 29, 2024|

In the gospel reading for this Sunday, John 15:1-8, we are reminded that vines sometimes need to be pruned, as do many plants in our gardens. For some, deadheading after flowers bloom helps the plants continue to bloom. In other cases, the plant needs to be [...]

God’s Gift for our viewing pleasure!- a Total Solar Eclipse

2024-04-08T04:09:34+00:00April 8, 2024|

One of God's many gifts to behold is the total solar eclipse happening tomorrow, April 8. In case you're interested in safely watching, listed these links... NASA: (starting at 1pm Eastern ) Time and Date: The McDonalds Observatory: San Francisco’s Exploratorium

Happy Easter!

2024-04-01T02:40:52+00:00April 1, 2024|

March 31, 2024 Easter  To the clergy, laity, and friends of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, peace, joy, and apostolic blessing.  As we celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, we are reminded of the ultimate symbol of hope and renewal – the Resurrection of Jesus, [...]

March 2024

We are One

2024-03-25T05:06:40+00:00March 25, 2024|

Today’s Palm Sunday celebration coincides with Ramadan (Muslims), Holi (Hindus), Purim (Jews), Nowruz (Persians). They are all holidays that share the spirits of renewal, triumph, survival. We share the joys and struggles of life! We are all part of the One.   (With thanks to the [...]

Who Punishes?

2024-03-11T07:02:07+00:00March 11, 2024|

In 2nd Chronicles 15-16, we are told that God tried to help the people live correctly, but they paid no attention to the warnings of the prophets. Finally, God’s patience reached the turning point. According to the writer, God became angry and punished the people. This [...]

February 2024

Divine Change

2024-02-26T21:28:52+00:00February 26, 2024|

We read of Jesus’ transfiguration in Mark 9:2-10, and watch along with Peter, James and John as Jesus’ appearance literally changes. Imagine! How wonderous and terrifying to behold such a change. And yet, shouldn’t we all experience a wonderous inner change when we are involved in [...]

Forgive us as we forgive others

2024-02-19T18:56:28+00:00February 19, 2024|

In Psalm 25, we read: 6 Yahweh, remember your tender mercies and your loving kindness, for they are from old times. 7 Don’t remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions. Remember me according to your loving kindness, for your goodness’ sake, Yahweh. What we ask of God, [...]

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