CCOA entered an intercommunion agreement with the American Apostolic Old Catholic Church, as well as participating in activities with the AAOCC during the first full weekend in January 2024.

+Mark Elliott Newman, Presiding Bishop of CCOA, and ++Kristina Rake, Presiding Archbishop of AAOCC are shown here signing this agreement.



Presiding Bishop Mark served as one of the co-consecrators of Bishop Lennard Panthier. Bishop Linda Rounds-Nichols, CCOA, was also involved in the consecration, along with others, as pictured:

+Anslem Beatty, Christ’s Apostolic Catholic Church; +Mark, CCOA; +Lennard, AAOCC; ++Kristine, AAOCC; +Linda, CCOA; +Jordan Morgan, AAOCC.


The weekend ended with a worship service at St, John’s – CCOA. Due to bad weather, a number of the AAOCC people had to begin their travel home; however, St. John’s was able to host some of us:

+Anslem; Ron Catherson+, Rector of St. John’s; +Mark; +Jordan

Front row: Calib+, AAOCC & assisting priest at St. John’s; +Linda