Congratulations and Welcome, Bro. Jeremiah!

Surrounded by family and friends, members of the Order of Charity, and clergy of the CCOA, Bro. Jeremiah of Pennsylvania was incardinated as a CCOA priest today!

coa Bro Jeemiah, 1

Congratulations, Bishop Michael!

Michael Talbot became CCOA’s newest bishop last weekend,

during the annual convocation.

Congratulations, +Michael!

IMG_8897 (5)

+Michael is pictured with Presiding Bishop, Mark Elliott Newman, OC.

Welcome Msgr. Tony!

CCOA announces the recent incardination of Msgr. Anthony Carrillo.

Fr. Tony, aka Msgr. Tony, is an alumnus of CCOA’s Sophia Divinity School, having received his MDiv degree in 2004. Fr. Tony is currently serving as a chaplain in a nursing home in Arizona, where he provides pastoral care and support to residents and their family members, as well as the Eucharist and other sacraments.

Welcome home, Fr. Tony!

Msg. Tony

Congratulations, Fr. Ron!

CCOA has a new priest! Fr. Ron was ordained on August 5, 2017 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

He is pictured here with Bishop Diana, Presiding Bishop Mark and Bishop Linda, Dean of Sophia Divinity School.


Congratulations, Bishop Ann!

Presiding Bishop Mark Newman and Bishop Linda Rounds-Nichols, acting on behalf of Archbishop Leon Hunt of the United Kingdom, ordained the Rev. Elizabeth Ann Bryan to the episcopal order, sub conditione on June 25, 2016.

Bishop Ann was left without a jurisdiction when her former Presiding Bishop died. She turned to Archbishop Leon since he and her former bishop had known each other during the time that Archbishop Leon lived in the United States. Archbishop Leon accepted her into the Autocephalous Catholic Church of Antioch of the United Kingdom.

Although she lives in the United States, Bishop Ann remains under the UK jurisdiction of the Church, answerable directly to Archbishop Leon. The UK and US branches of the Catholic Church of Antioch are in full intercommunion.

 IMG_0124+Ann, +Mark, +Linda

Congratulations, Mary+

+Mark Elliott Newman, CCOA Presiding Bishop

and +Linda Rounds-Nichols, Dean ~ Sophia Divinity School

ordained Mary Altalo to the priesthood on May 10, 2014.

+Linda, Mary+ and +Mark

+Linda, Mary+ and +Mark

Mary+ and +Mark

Mary+ and +Mark


+Linda and Mary+

+Linda and Mary+

Rev. James Starks, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Mary+

Rev. James Starks, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Mary+

Congratulations Obispo Daniel!

On November 30, 2013,

+Daniel Barcenas Arrellano


the Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch – Mexico.


+ Jose, +Linda (CCOA-USA) +Daniel (CCOA-Mexico, +Mark (CCOA-USA)


…the many who helped during the service…

Congratulations Ron, Scott, and Rev. Mary!

 Three Sophia Divinity School seminarians were ordained into Orders during the 2013 Convocation.

Congratulations to Ron, who was ordained into the Order of Acolyte; to Rev. Mary, our new Deacon,

and to Scott, who was ordained into the Orders of Reader and Healer.


Ron, Rev. Mary, Scott

Congratulations, Father Rick!

     Presiding Bishop, Mark Elliott Newman,

incardinated Father Rick Romero, Sr.

on April 14, 2013.


Congratulations, Ron!


On March 9, 2013, +Mark Elliott Newman, CCOA’s Presiding Bishop,

ordained Ron to the Minor Orders of Reader and Healer.


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