When ordinations occur, they are always the high point of any CCOA gathering. This year Celeste Handy, of Gallup, New Mexico, was ordained to the diaconate. As a transitional deacon, she will have the tasks of proclaiming the Gospel and preparing and serving the gifts during Holy Communion. She will also be able to preside at weddings, baptisms, and funerals. In time, she hopes to be ordained as a priest. In the meantime, she will be able to preside at a ‘Eucharist in the absence of a priest’ service.


Ordinations in the sacramental movement are historical, symbolic, and beautiful.


John reads Scripture.


Deacon Richard presents Celeste for ordination.


Celeste lies prostrate as the litany of saints is prayed for her.


Celeste is ordained by Bishop Linda, Presiding Bishop Mark,

Bishop Michael, Bishop Theodore, and Bishop Leonard.


Deacon Richard helps Deacon Celeste with her vestments.



Deacon Celeste at the altar with Bishop Linda, Bishop Michael, and Deacon Richard.


Deacon Celeste receives her ordination certificate.


Congratulations, Deacon Celeste!